Monday, May 16, 2011

Summing Up Some Things That Don't Correlate... As Usual

Sunday No Fun Day

There is so little to do when the hotel is far from full. I finished all of my work by 11:45 PM and had nothing to do until 2:30 AM. This is nothing compared to the building full of drunks from Saturday night... and I mean beyond hammered. We found one guy passed out in the elevator with his foot sticking out the door and his friend was not too far from the same scenario. I was labeled "bitch of the night" after my threat to call the police within 20 seconds. I'm okay with that. I have absolutely no tolerance for that level of crap, especially for men of that age. I've got the whole thing on video... partly for the incident report but mostly for the entertainment.

Edwina's ability to fall asleep as soon as she hits a chair has been driving me crazy. So, imagine my silent victory when the owner popped in at 6 AM to pick up the one piece of paper I had just put in his box. What was the first thing he saw? Edwina, wrapped in a blanket, sleeping, and with a desk covered in magazines and cut-out coupons. When she was asked why she had one of the hotel's blankets around her, she told the owner that I was freezing her to death. I don't think so missy. My rebuttal? "Don't blame your menopause on me woman." He liked it.

On to the next job!

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  1. I never thought wrking at a hotel could be so full of stories and weird happenings but you really bring it to life. Enjoy hearing what is going on in your bizarre world!