Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Chop, Chop" Goes the Jackhole!

Monday night was super fun at the hotel... not! Working alone for the second night in a row got old really fast.

I will never understand how the drunk count is often significantly higher on a Monday than a Saturday. Must be those crazy conferences, all drunk off of synergy! That being said my new friend, Mr. Jackhole, made his 3rd jackhole appearance around 2:00 AM. Drunk? But of course! Speaking in the most condescending manner, he clearly wanted me to know how superior he was to me. About two and a half hours later he came to the desk demanding to know where his car was since he had requested it to be outside at 4:15 AM. "I have a flight to catch and you need to do your job. Chop, chop!" Oh yeah, he did that... hand gestures and all. "Sir, have you even looked outside? No? Well, maybe you should head on out there because that's where your car is." As he stumbled over what to say next I said "see ya" and disappeared back into the office. That guy was a jerk and I'd love nothing more than to chop, chop his head off but he makes himself look like an ass so my job has been done for me.

Literally what he looked like every time he spoke, hee haw:

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