Saturday, May 14, 2011

Night Creatures...

Remember this guy....

This is the spitting image of the hotel's overnight bellman. A real life zombie. Trust me when I stress that this is not an exaggeration. I suppose anyone would grow to look like this working graveyard shifts for almost two decades. However, this is not a pleasant sight. I've decided to not give him a name and he will only be referred to as The Night Man. He is one of the most unusual people I have ever been forced to interact with and makes every situation uncomfortable. He reminds me of a schizophrenic dishwasher that worked at a former job of mine. Always spouting off nonsense phrases... "banana cheese," "spaghetti grits," etc. Some of you may be familiar with that former acquaintance of mine as he went by the name of a popular fruit. So, congratulations if you've experienced that.

Back to The Night Man. He is the ruler of the parking garage at night and it's just best to avoid the area. One time he popped out from behind a car to scare me as I was trying to park. Let's just say he's lucky I didn't get out of my car and key him to death with my Wolverine attack. (You know ladies, keys between the fingers... and then straight for the eyes!)

Just thought I'd introduce another character from my present life. I'll leave you with the last thing he said to me this morning.

"You know when the (insert made up word) takes the gooney and the (insert made up word)." And then enormous cackle... confusing. Welcome to my every day.

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