Friday, April 29, 2011


I thought I would just jot down some things people said throughout the day at job #1. The following were said by tourists, employees, and random people I'm not sure about:

"I've got blue on my face"

"I can't believe Dracula is coming back... that's awesome!"

"I don't have eyes on my ass!"

"I want to take advantage of people..."

"What's that smell? I can taste it."

"Let's go loquat picking"

"What Cityville? Do you feed the homeless?"

"Do the stairs go up?"

"Wow, you're really beating me with that X."

"Why would you say you don't know if that's a word? You know when people say I got kicked in the gnads?"

"It's greasy because I just ate steak... not that kind of steak, I'm heterosexual."

"There's someone out here, I don't know if it's a man or a woman and I need your help."

"My britches are falling down."

"No! We're going to eat it! Why would you waste good sugar?"

"Look at the wiz!"

"I'm sitting here with my blue beard on, watching cuppy cake boy for the 5th time and I feel totally normal..."

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