Monday, April 18, 2011

The Cherry That Topped My Crap Sundae

I've got 1 hour until I can go home and sleep for 12 hours... and I will. It's 6 AM and I've got the shakes. Coffee has lost its purpose, my contacts are trying to pop right off my eyes, and the only song on my iPod that I want to listen to is Sting's "Fields of Gold." I have no explanation for the song.

I'm going to have to invent a new term for the word "exhausted." This weekend has been hell. Everyone has complained about EVERYTHING and all I want to do is hand out IOU's to all the jerks for one giant slap in the face. Want to continuously ring the bell while I'm talking to another guest? You need to be slapped. Want to bitch at me for the fact that YOU forgot to schedule a taxi at 5 in the morning? You need to be slapped. Angry because you were put in a room with one king bed and a chair that YOU booked but brought along your four kids and wife? Too stupid to be slapped... that just calls for an enormous eye rolling.

It was bad enough that I barely sat down at either job all weekend but the cherry that topped my crap sundae was my experience as a housekeeper. To keep that story short... the bellman and I had to clean a room, kind of an emergency cleaning. Old food, stained sheets, and I'm afraid to know what actually took place in the bathroom. Guess the hurricane of gross decided to pay a visit. We both double and triple gloved up and braved the stench. Reward? We each made 5 dollars which I used to buy my coffee... and as mentioned, it served no purpose.

This place could learn a thing or two about what an incentive actually is... that's a story for another time. This has been another adventure from the tales of a disgruntled night auditor.

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