Monday, April 11, 2011

Hi-ho, Hi-ho it's Off to Picking Up Pinecones I go

I was under the impression that after I had graduated high school (6 years ago) and moved out of my parents' house that I would be exempt from yard work until the day I had my own yard. WRONG.

Maybe it's just me but I remember having to stay home some weekends while in high school to pick up sticks, pinecones, weeds, and other prickly items. I was banned from both the push lawnmower and riding lawnmower after my dad discovered the beautiful zig zag lines that were covering the front yard... courtesy of me. He just couldn't appreciate good lawn art.

Anyway, some gift from the gods granted me 3 full days off from both jobs and they all happened to fall on this weekend. Okay, okay they didn't so much fall as I planned it and asked off for them but let's make it sound like a miracle. I've got to add some pizzazz to this 20-something purgatory. As I was saying... I had the weekend off and decided to spend it with my family. What did I plan to do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! My mind, body, eyeballs, hair, fingernails, etc. were exhausted beyond belief. But as fate would have it, I found myself enjoying some mindless TV show when somehow I was roped into going outside and helping clean up the mess of a dead, torn down pine tree.

Vietnam flashback? Not so much. I enjoyed the time with my family and chasing my dog with yard work tools that she hates. I also got the opportunity to vacuum all of the saw dust out of the grass. That's right, VACUUMED THE GRASS!

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  1. bluette (sp?) put you to work-- she was supposed to cater to you ALL wknd! she owes you one!