Thursday, March 31, 2011

I get by with a little help from my... indifference.

All actions, opinions, and proceedings are derived from job #1 (Law & Order noise)

If the actions/complaints of the elderly are any indication of what my future holds as an old person, I better find the fountain of youth. I'm aware that my sarcasm and indifference to unimportant matters may annoy some, but as informed... that is unimportant to me.

Things that are important:
*Emergencies - "Chairs #4 and #5 are mixed up!" is not an emergency, switch them around.

*Work - the fact that you are elderly and feel the need to tell me you are running late (as an unpaid volunteer) because of a diaper related incident is not considered work-related for me. "Sorry I'm late" will suffice.

This is generally the day-to-day mountain of a mess I deal with. Do I care? Not really. It provides me with some pretty funny stories and a chance to use the words "thanks for sharing" a little too much.

In response to a volunteer apologizing for missing the last 3 shows I said "no big deal." Why? Because it's no big deal. She then began complaining how the people who coordinate the volunteers are so cavalier. When I re-introduced myself for about the 5th time, she continued to use the term repeatedly. Since I'm positive that I am not a knightly gentleman, I will have to assume that you are calling me indifferent. Well, thank you for pointing out something I am already aware of. Did my cavalier attitude towards your uneccessary apology upset you? Would you rather me hulk out? Wait until you "accidentally" scream at a confused patron again... because a confused patron is NOT A BIG DEAL.

So, volunteer whose name resembles a sound one might make in a bat cave, thank you for pointing out my quality that makes me relaxed. Oh and we won't be seeing you anymore since you couldn't stop calling one of our actors in the building "sissified." They're just feelings, they'll heal.

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