Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Money doesn't buy class... or common sense

This is an easy one. Watch one of the Real Housewives shows... living, plastic proof. While we're on that topic, how are they dubbed housewives when many of them aren't married and have jobs?

A man attempted to flaunt his wealth in front of me tonight. Word to wise... this doesn't sit well with someone in my position. It should be noted that he just kept giving me answers to questions I didnt' ask. I have no idea what his profession is because I stopped listening, but it was fun to show how unimpressed I was. He told me he makes $250,000 a year. I said, "CONGRATULATIONS." He told me he drives a Range Rover and has some fancy something or other back home. I said, "EXCITING." He continued to go on and on about himself while I got some fake paperwork done. He then asked if he was bothering me. I responded, "Certainly not. It seems like you really need to get these problems off of your chest." Thank goodness people kept calling the desk because he eventually gave up and left.

I wonder what went through that guy's head. You see me at a front desk at 1:30 AM on a Monday (now Tuesday). Even if you don't assume that I most likely have another job, you should at least come to the conclusion that I am probably not making it rain (money... I can totally make it rain rain). What makes anyone think that I would want to hear about their miserable, paid for life. I'm not stupid, I'm sure he's lonely but Senor Money Bags needs to work on his conversation topics. An immediate remedy? Get a dog and join eharmony.

As soon as I get off of work at 7 AM I am free until 8:30 AM on Wednesday. EXCITING.

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  1. "Certainly not. It seems like you really need to get these problems off of your chest."