Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My thoughts at 5:40 AM

It's 5:40 AM on Tuesday morning. I have an hour and twenty minutes until I can go home but knowing the morning crew... I'll leave 30 minutes late.

These are literally the thoughts going through my head. I've got a lot of balls bouncing around in there.

The word DEFINITELY does not have an 'A' in it. I'm not the world's best speller, but I did pass the second grade. Get with it people.

A man called the desk last night and asked if I'd help him navigate the porn channels... as enticing as that sounded, I not-so-politely declined.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they ring a bell.

Horse carriage tours. I don't know why people pay for those ridiculous things. Almost everything is incorrect. Want some history? Read a book... or better yet, walk your butt around and take an actual look at history and ask some questions. Sometimes at job #1 (a historical landmark in downtown Charleston) I stand outside and wish I had a big red button to buzz every tour guide when they say something way off. It's one thing to be a few years off here and there but 90 years is a pretty big difference. Come on...

I haven't been grocery shopping in 2 weeks. Is it sad that I've been content with eating cereal for almost every meal?

I watched a little bit of "Too Young to Kill" on E yesterday. I've been thinking of escape routes in all types of situations in case some crazy guy lost it. Seriously, all situations; grocery shopping, at work, parking garage, at a stop light?

I worked two full nights by myself in the hotel this week. I was pretty lucky that nothing major happened. A man got really mad at me around 2 AM because the air conditioning was too loud for him to go to sleep. I love getting blamed for something I have no control over. I offered to move his room but he bitched about all of the bars on the street... it's also my fault that he couldn't figure out how to use the wireless internet.

I hate when people leave blue tooths (tooths or teeth?)  in their ear all day, especially when they are working. I want to yank it off their head, stomp on it, and say... I'm sorry I can't ever tell who the hell you're talking to. I just want to help you look like less of a jackass.

I hope I don't fall asleep in my work clothes when I get home. Yep, I get to sleep today.

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