Thursday, March 24, 2011

The misinterpretation of easy-to-read, few-syllable words

If there is anything I've learned about tourists it is that they don't read, won't read, and can't read. A big sign that reads "CLOSED" should not be interpreted as "PLEASE COME IN." While we're at it, a sign that reads "WE ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR A PRIVATE EVENT, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER" does not mean that your safari outfit wearing family can come in for a tour of the building at 9:30 PM. How can this be misunderstood when there is a giant cocktail party of elegantly clothed old folks going on?

The amount of adult aged people that push their faces up against the windows at job #1 is impressive. However, the building has just been washed so I would love nothing more than to squirt them with a water bottle when I see this ridiculousness in progress. Just like a cat that doesn't see it coming...

Just a warning: they will also walk into ANY unlocked door, so watch out residents!

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