Friday, March 18, 2011

Fanny packs and pantaloons

The tourist season is upon us. Hectic? Yes. Annoying? You betcha. Entertaining? Entirely.

The one way streets, wandering kids, and horse carriage tours never make driving through downtown Charleston a simple drive to work. Tourist season can make a 10 minute ride into a 45 minute crawl. Let's find the funny.

On one street corner I counted SEVEN fanny pack wearers. I understand the concept but let's not pretend that they can be taken seriously. The repeat offenders wear some horrible neon visors... i.e. my mom, circa 1997. Carowinds was pretty embarrassing for me.

Yesterday, a tour guide for a church chased a couple down the street trying to convince them to come inside the church. She's a sweet old lady... has definitely lost her marbles. My boss pointed out something stuck in her knee highs. Pantaloons? Why, yes, of course. I'm certain she was friends with Ben Franklin so we can't harp on this disaster too much.

Yes, I'm dreading the entire tourist season but at least I've got a lot to laugh about.

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