Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Night in Zombieland

In about 2.5 hours I will officially be done working at the hotel... I hope I'm not dreaming.

It's been nothing but a silly, fun-filled night at work. The GM asked us to order whatever we wanted and he'd pay for it. So, obviously Edwina and I went to town on some terribly unhealthy food. I'm telling myself it's for old time's sake. After clogging our arteries we busted out some sweet moves while cleaning the bar up after a bunch of drunk babies, or should I say middle-aged men. I haven't been in the kitchen in a while and even after washing them a million times, my hands are left with the distinct smell of one who works in a restaurant. If you've been there, you know what I mean... lemon juice, here I come.

After our little dance marathon I sat down to catch up on some tv shows on my computer. Somehow I ended up watching "Love Handles: Couples in Crisis." Let's just say, I'd rather witness a knee surgery. That amount of uncomfortable was just unbearable, so Edwina and I decided to go harass our frog friends.

My experience in this zombieland hasn't been all bad. I definitely have some stories and an unreal tolerance for NO sleep. I would now like to reflect upon some skillz and habits I've acquired in the past 11 months:

- Top notch incident report filler-outer 
- Real good calculator user
- Ability to give self excellent paper and folder cuts
- Confesses love to Jimmy Johns employees at 1:30 am 
- Random Bible swiping
- A developed hatred of cookies

I'd like to close by taking a look at an experiment of classical conditioning that has unknowingly unfolded during my time at the hotel. It's similar to that of Pavlov's Dog. Pavlov, you sneak bastard. 

Every time I hear the ding of a bell... well, I think you know.

Goodbye, bell. I'll miss you most of all!

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